Is St. Lucia Safe? What Travelers Need to Know

Rainforests, cascades and volcanic scenes make St Lucia a staggering Caribbean objective to find. Yet, before you go, here are our top tips to remain safe and keep away from crime. Also, find the best St Lucia Villas.

St Lucia is a well disposed and inviting eastern Caribbean country, home to the world’s just drive-in spring of gushing lava (which is fortunately dormant) and a yearly jazz celebration held every year in May.

It’s additionally a famous objective for voyage ships and a top pick with honeymooning couples.

Crime in St Lucia

With a population of roughly 180,000 individuals, this delightful tropical island isn’t too packed. St Lucians are somewhat wealthy, and crime rates are low.

There were four occurrences way back in 2010, including nearby inhabitants in a calm and dreary space of the Rodney Bay Village, yet crime and brutal crime stays low in St. Lucia. Like you would somewhere else in the Caribbean, try not to stroll down dim roads of quiet towns late around evening time alone and instead attempt to adhere to sufficiently bright, swarmed regions. If you have a long, late-night stroll back to your St Lucia Villas, get a taxi.

The St Lucian specialists are working with the tourism business to keep a protected climate for visitors.

In any case, muggings and robbery from lodgings, yachts or occasion rentals do happen and periodically accompany viciousness. There have been various genuine attacks, including explorers and inhabitants, lately.

There have been equipped thefts at cascades in the Anse La Raye region, so be cautious going to these spaces, and it’s keen to go with a gathering of individuals.

Abstain from strolling alone in secluded regions, including beaches into the evening, and go set up camp in enormous gatherings.

Take care at famous late-night road gatherings and “bounce ups”.  Be wary about tolerating lifts from outsiders, and utilize just authorized cabs. Know more here!

Getting around St Lucia Safely

Most streets are narrow and are in changing conditions of fix. In sloping regions, streets can be very steep and have sharp fastener twists, some of which are not checked.

Four-wheel drive vehicles with automatic gearboxes are famous, and in specific spaces, fundamental. Driving guidelines are variable, and you ought to arrange traffic circles with outrageous consideration. Given St Lucia Villas conditions, drive gradually and carefully.

It isn’t unexpected for walkers to wave to vehicles …

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7 Fundamental Tips to Know in Selling Single Family Houses In Vancouver

Whether you’re looking to invest in Vancouver real estate or just want to sell a family home, it’s important to know what you’re doing. While real estate agents handle the bulk of the work, there are still things you should do to help hasten the process. Remember, buyers with family tend to look for a long-term home so people are being extra cautious as to which property they buy. Selling a family home takes time and you should know what makes a sale go faster. So, what top tips do you need to know when selling single family homes in Vancouver?

A Presentable Home Is A Sellable Home

You want to invest in Vancouver but not all homes sell. If a property isn’t well presented or in a sorry state, it’ll be harder to find a buyer. Of course, there will be people who’re interested in renovating homes, but they usually come at a reduced price. Also, if the property doesn’t need major repairs, it mightn’t sell so quickly. In most cases, you need to make it more presentable so it’s more sellable. Presentable homes sell.

You Must Evaluate the Property for an Accurate Price

You’re likely to have an idea what you would like for your property, or at least have a rough figure in your head. Unfortunately, that might not reflect the true value of the property. That is why you must call in a professional valuer to get an accurate property value estimate. At the same time, the valuer will look at the condition of the home and that’ll be reflected in the price. Value can be reduced if extensive work is needed in the home. If you want to sell Vancouver real estate, you must get an evaluation by a professional.

You Must Advertise Your Property

If this is a private sale, you will need to ensure you advertise the home effectively. Of course, real estate agents will often be the best people to do this as they have access to more resources than you. However, even if you use a realtor you can still advertise in the local area, including through classified ads. More people want to invest in Vancouver and real estate remains the popular choice. Advertising will help boost your sale’s potential.

Consider All Offers

While more people are investing in Vancouver real estate, that doesn’t mean to say all buyers …

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st Lucia villa rental

4 Reasons Saint Lucia Is Every Vacationers Dream Getaway 


Who wouldn’t want to stay at a Saint Lucia villa rental while visiting the island? St Lucia is truly one of the Caribbean’s most exclusive and beautiful islands to visit. It is often the dream vacation or beauty hotspot for tourists worldwide and its one that’s most memorable too. Selecting a vacation destination is never easy but St Lucia makes it a little easier. So, what are the four reasons to visit St Lucia? 

Breathtaking Views to Admire 

No matter where you are on the island, you will see the most spectacular and gorgeous scenery in the entire Caribbean. The views are stunning and you’ll fall in love with it all. You can visit the South-West part of the island and view the gorgeous jagged volcanic peaks of The Pitons. There is nothing like it anywhere and visitors will enjoy waking up to that site. You can rent Saint Lucia villas nearby and enjoy that scenery every day and night. It’s something most tourists enjoy.  

St Lucia Villa Rental Locations Are Ideal 

There are many St Lucia villas to choose from and lots of beauty hotspots to find them. One of the best things about St Lucia is that the accommodation is second to none. It’s truly one of the most enjoyable things about visiting the island. You can rent a private villa for you and your loved one; it can overlook the most gorgeous views on the island and can be the ideal honeymoon vacation too. Visitors can choose a secluded villa that sits on a private beach or closer to the forests. There’s so much to choose from.  

You Can Have Lots of Adventures on the Island 

Visitors are never bored when they visit St Lucia. There is so much to see and so much to do that you’ll run out of time to do them all. You can go cycling, hiking, enjoy spending time on the beach, shopping, and much more. This is also the place to relax and let all of your stresses leave your body. St Lucia villa rental can be affordable and can enable you to enjoy the vacation a little more.  

It’s Fantastic for Couples, Singles, and Families 

Renting St Lucia villas with breathtaking surroundings can be great if you’re on a honeymoon. Fortunately, the island welcomes all visitors and is suitable for couples, singles, families, and everyone else in-between. It’s

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Reasons to make real estate investment: Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the top destinations in Canada for real estate investment. In fact, Vancouver has been ranked Canada’s #1 market for real estate investment in 2020. Why? Not only is the view spectacular, the city has all the same perks as Toronto or New York City. In my opinion, Vancouver is becoming the next Toronto, but with a view like Switzerland!

Just like other big popular cities, Vancouver can be a great competitor with its diverse culture, convenience, business, restaurants and much more. However, there is no denying that Vancouver’s real estate prices are infamously high. UBS Group’s Global Real Estate Bubble Index, ranked Vancouver as the fourth most inflated market in the world back in September 2019. With large amounts of global capital, low interest rates, and a lack of new housing inventory, it was basically impossible for home prices not to increase. Check here!

Here are 8 universal reasons why you should invest in real estate in Vancouver:

  1. High return on investment– There was a 68% increase in average home prices in the last 5 years. Additionally, there was 3-4% of annual gross rental yield.
  2. Low Financing Cost– Up to 30 years of mortgage amortization periods. Around 3.5% for fixed closed mortgage with a 5-year term.
  3. Weak Canadian Dollar value– Canadian dollar is less than USD
  4. Stable and growing Economy – Strong regulations ensuring sustainable growth. Vancouver is becoming hub for tech start-ups.
  5. Top ranked in terms of quality of living – Cleanest air in the world. 2nd highest Green City Index score (out of 120 cities). Low crime rates.
  6. Growing Population – Over 30,000 immigrants per year.136,000 international students in BC.
  7. Low Inventory for sale – Low number of new developments (less than 30,000 units per year). This would lessen the competition if you were thinking of renting out your condo.
  8. Low inventory for rent – Rental restrictions in large number of buildings.

Real estate in Vancouver, British Columbia has been under the spotlight for a recently and has turned into one of the most expensive regions on earth. The development of housing has been happening at a very fast pace to meet the increased demand. Unfortunately, there has been a scarce supply of land to continue building. Click here for more information:

The city of Vancouver remains a popular choice for local buyers and investors abroad.Specific areas like North Vancouver, …

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Should You Buy Real Estate in Vancouver?

Vancouver Real Estate is situated in the moderate Lower Mainland of British Columbia. It has the most elevated populace for the region, however even at 600,000 individuals, that is still far not exactly most major urban focuses. As a beachfront seaport city, it has hotter all year temperatures than the remainder of Canada, just as large area, ocean, and mountain sees that are elusive anyplace else.

The entirety of this makes it unmistakably arranged for the individuals who need an urban life near open-air exercises. All in all, would it be advisable for you to purchase real estate in Vancouver?


Vancouver Real Estate ranks high concerning livability. Vast numbers of the favored neighborhoods, for example, the West End, Kerrisdale, and Main, offer superb pleasantries like retail and cafés. They are likewise near parks and have amazing walkability appraisals. If you would prefer not to stroll, there is similarly simple access to extensive travel. More details!

The Vancouver Real Estate Market

Purchasing a single-family house in the City of Vancouver showcase is inaccessible for the vast majority, as per MoneySense. Be that as it may, if the regular disengaged house cost of $1.7 million is inside your spending limit, presently could be a great time to purchase as value drops are occurring.

Downtown Vancouver Condos

Vancouver Courier additionally revealed that condominium deals in Metro Vancouver are seeing a marked decrease, with all-out townhouse deals in June at 941 units.

Best Vancouver Areas

The best places to live in Vancouver incorporate concealed diamonds Main, Mount Pleasant, Downtown Vancouver Condos West, just as Renfrew-Collingwood. They offer extraordinary neighborhoods, a steady supply of lodging stock, and reasonable costs.

As indicated by MoneySense, the three hottest neighborhoods in Vancouver are:

1. Marpole

This territory offers the best worth much since it is as yet changing. Along these lines, you can, in any case, get in on the ground floor while the area improves. It could take an additional five years or so before it has the conveniences you expect, yet it’s potential alone settles on the territory a decent decision for buyers.

Although there are better regions, you’ll pay 25% less for the standard estimated home contrasted with most Vancouver Real Estate West regions. In the previous five years alone, properties have taken off in an incentive by 116%.

2. Kitsilano

On the off chance that you are determined to live in Vancouver West, …

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The Best St Lucia Villas for Honeymoon Vacations

St Lucia is one of the world’s most exquisite honeymoon destinations and there is nothing better than lapping up the luxury in a St Lucia villa rental! Anyone who is planning their honeymoon has to consider the beautiful Caribbean island for their destination. It’s not only stunning but breathtaking and there is something magical about it that makes you fall in love! So, how can you decide which villa is the best for your honeymoon? Here are a few tips you may want to consider before booking any rental villa today.

Seclusion or Company?

Firstly, think about whether you love the idea of being surrounded by more than just wildlife? Do you like the idea of having a villa close to other honeymooning couples or do you prefer to be alone? There are lots of great St Lucia villa rental options to consider, but when you’re trying to work out which is the best, think about whether you like seclusion or being around others. Sometimes, there are resorts more suited to those who don’t mind being close to other honeymooning couples. However, opting for a secluded villa can be very romantic too!

Price and Services

Next, think about whether you want specific services with your rental. For example, would you like a trained chef to be at the villa to cook your meals? Would you prefer to have a private pool? These things are important to think about because you can get St Lucia villa rental vacation packages where you get whatever you want essentially. However, costs will also need to be taken into account because the more services you request, the more it’ll cost. While you might not care too much about the costs per night for the villa, it’s still a good idea to have an idea in mind so that you can stay within reasonable limits. Some people have to work with budgets, and again, that means carefully thinking about what you can spend and what you really need to have included with the villa rental.

It’s About What You Like

  • Cap Maison
  • Jade Mountain
  • Sugar Beach
  • Windjammer Landing

The above are four amazing St Lucia villa rental accommodations, but there are many more amazing options available also. At the end of the day, picking a villa rental comes down to personal preference and requirements. For example, you may not like the idea of being totally …

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What are the reasons to visit St. Lucia?


St Lucia is a stunning Caribbean island and any occasion there will be a visit to genuine common heaven, made much progressively exceptional in the event that you stay someplace like the famous East Winds. St Lucia is a standout amongst the most famous destinations in the Caribbean and there are such a large number of things to see and do here, the feature of which are the awesome shorelines. Be that as it may, why pick this island over any of the others? Here are just a couple of reasons.

Stunning Scenery

It’s not just the shorelines that make this island a standout amongst the most lovely places in the Caribbean to spend an occasion. It is likewise home to a host of different attractions, including the UNESCO World Heritage Site the Pitons, which is one of the must-see attractions and entirely open in case you’re staying someplace like the East Winds. St Lucia has for quite some time been prominent with holidaymakers with a taste for experience, and you can climb to the highest point of the Pitons in case you’re feeling especially vigorous. You can likewise visit Pigeon Island National Park, which is a delightful region just ideal for climbing and investigating. Assigned a National Landmark, it is home to historic fascination Fort Rodney, which goes back to the eighteenth century.

Energizing Attractions

The island is additionally home to another astounding characteristic fascination – Soufriere Volcano. Charged as “the world’s solitary drive through well of lava”, you can drive straight up to it and see the indications of movement very close – including the bubbling mud and steam vents. You can even take a dunk in the eminent helpful waters. Click here.

Fun Activities

You will have a lot of exercises to browse when you stay someplace very much situated on the island like East Winds. St Lucia is home innumerable excellent shorelines, and you might be enticed to sunbathe throughout the day, however, there are likewise different exercises to consider. A standout amongst the most prevalent is plunging. There are many jump locales just off the island, including destinations like the Waiwinette Freighter, a disaster area plunge, Anse La Raye, a float plunge brimming with interesting arrangements and rocks, and Anse Chastanet, a reef jump. Trekking is additionally extremely famous everywhere throughout the island. While most of the trekking openings are inland, there are …

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Villa Rentals in St. Lucia

Villa rentals in St. Lucia can be exceedingly favored over lodgings and even resorts. When you have your own particular private villa, you can rest guaranteed that you have the security and space you have to truly feel at home. A villa allows you to unload, stretch out, and appreciate the greater part of the solaces of home.

Pick a Villa Owned and Managed by the Renting Company

When you work with operators who have hundreds or thousands of properties, you can keep running into numerous entanglements. The proprietor of the villa may conclude that they need to utilize it instead of you, or you may keep running into a villa that is not at all like the manner in which it was depicted. A few organizations utilize photographs that are beguiling or that are numerous years old, leaving explorers to touch base at their destination just to be disillusioned. The correct organization will give the outstanding administration, as well as will offer their own particular upkeep, planting, and housekeeping experts since they will possess and deal with the property themselves.

Pick a Villa that Suits Your Needs

You don’t need to pay a fortune to locate an incredible villa rental in St. Lucia, and you should set aside the opportunity to locate a rental that suits your requirements. Search for a villa with an extensive outline that lets you truly loll in the St. Lucia daylight and search for enhancements like available to come back to work attendant service, a pool, free Wi-Fi and present-day machines and plan components.

Pick a Company that Treats You with Respect

When searching for a St. Lucia getaway rental, the organization you pick matters as much as the villa that you pick. You need an organization that approaches you with deference from the first contact until the point when your get-away has finished, and you need an organization that will strive to enable you to discover the property that is in a perfect world suited to your requirements, regardless of what they might be.

Pick a Company with More to Offer

When searching for the ideal St. Lucia villa rental, you need to pick an organization that can influence your movement to encounter finish and that can truly enable you to benefit as much as possible from your visit to the island. Search for an organization that is very much associated with …

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An Easy Way to Make More Money Selling Your Home

If you’ve ever sold a home, you understand it requires money to make it work. You’ve got to fix and freshen it up to entice Real estate clients. Then there are shutting costs. And moving brings its set of bills.

But perhaps the biggest chunk that comes out of your pocket is the real estate agent payment, which traditionally runs around 6%.

With that kind of cash, it’s no wonder that many sellers fly solo in an effort to save a few dollars. But is a Real estate worth it?

Would You Somewhat Save $5,550 or Make $60,000?

Your home is a major investment, and you want to help make the majority of it. Keeping the agent commission all to yourself feels like a simple way to do that. 60 you’re departing even additional money on the table by choosing out of a pro;  just how much more?

According to the best Real estate, the normal home sold by an agent this past year fetched $245,000. That is clearly a $60,000 difference!

The numbers by itself paint a pretty compelling picture. But let’s explore two reasons smart sellers go pro.

There’s Electricity in Numbers

If you’re retailing your home, you’ve got to go where the buyers are. A recent NAR report found that 89% of potential buyers used an agent to purchase their home in 2016.

Last we checked, yards indicators don’t exactly have their finger on the pulse of the marketplace. Think about how precisely many people drive by your home on the confirmed day. Then stack that against an agent’s pool of purchasers. There’s no contrast!

With a Real estate agent, you get access immediately to thousands of audiences through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). A true pro has a proactive arrange for exposing your home to as many buyers as is feasible and works with you to ensure your home provides a great first impression.

There’s No Replacement for Experience

Let’s set the sugarcoating away and cut to the run after. Going it by itself guarantees a very important factor: You’ll make blunders. Some will be small–but some will come with zeroes on the end. You’ve worked too much to let that happen!

Here are just a few ways a pro makes reselling your home a cinch:

  • Advising you on home vehicle repairs or updates
  • Charges your home based on the latest market data
  • Positively marketing
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What to Expect of St Lucia villa Holidays


St. Lucia villa is an island in the Caribbean Sea near Central America. It is supposed to be a relaxation spot with perfect services offered at the doorstep to make the vacations soothing for the body and the soul.

Modern Facility

The island is perched with mountains and valleys, between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic sea. It offers all the conventional and the modern-day facilities. All one needs to have is a reasonable amount of budget set aside for the planned trip to this paradise on earth. To head start, one looks into options for the travel facilities. There are dozens of airlines offering their services to the tourists. There are two airports and a large variety of transportation available at the islands. The weather is quite cool most of the time. From January to November, the weather is cooler and bearable for outside activities. The banking system is all on credit cards, while there is also an easy cash drawing facility. The language spoken here is mainly English as it has been a British colony, but in some parts, French is also the medium of communication.

For accommodation, there is an arrangement of a variety of hotels. This includes villas, hotels befitting any range of budget, inns, and guesthouses. Apart from the budget, the location being visited also counts. There are beautiful locations in the north and south of the island that include the beachfront and rustic areas in the land. There are luxuriously furnished villas perched on the islands with doorstep luggage dropping facility. One can have a visual treat of the ‘view’ from these villas. The conventional hotels with the expected services are open daylong. There are small hotels available at reasonable prices, which offer bed and breakfast. The Dickens era style inns with the same old style intimating ambience are also available. The guesthouses also offer great bed and breakfast deals.

Communication System

The communication system is Digicel, cable and Wireless. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful, fringed with palm trees and cool air; steel band music adds to the awe-inspiring surroundings. Men and women enjoy their sports on the white sands of the beaches. Some play football; others relax reading their favourite books while some couples indulge in sunbathing activities.

There are two popular marinas in St. Lucia’s island, Rodney Bay Marina and Marigot Bay. These offer safe anchorage, shower facilities restaurants, groceries and maintenance …

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