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What to Expect of St Lucia villa Holidays

December 2, 2017

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St. Lucia villa is an island in the Caribbean Sea near Central America. It is supposed to be a relaxation spot with perfect services offered at the doorstep to make the vacations soothing for the body and the soul.

Modern Facility

The island is perched with mountains and valleys, between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic sea. It offers all the conventional and the modern-day facilities. All one needs to have is a reasonable amount of budget set aside for the planned trip to this paradise on earth. To head start, one looks into options for the travel facilities. There are dozens of airlines offering their services to the tourists. There are two airports and a large variety of transportation available at the islands. The weather is quite cool most of the time. From January to November, the weather is cooler and bearable for outside activities. The banking system is all on credit cards, while there is also an easy cash drawing facility. The language spoken here is mainly English as it has been a British colony, but in some parts, French is also the medium of communication.

For accommodation, there is an arrangement of a variety of hotels. This includes villas, hotels befitting any range of budget, inns, and guesthouses. Apart from the budget, the location being visited also counts. There are beautiful locations in the north and south of the island that include the beachfront and rustic areas in the land. There are luxuriously furnished villas perched on the islands with doorstep luggage dropping facility. One can have a visual treat of the ‘view’ from these villas. The conventional hotels with the expected services are open daylong. There are small hotels available at reasonable prices, which offer bed and breakfast. The Dickens era style inns with the same old style intimating ambience are also available. The guesthouses also offer great bed and breakfast deals. Check here.

Communication System

The communication system is Digicel, cable and Wireless. The beaches are breathtakingly beautiful, fringed with palm trees and cool air; steel band music adds to the awe-inspiring surroundings. Men and women enjoy their sports on the white sands of the beaches. Some play football; others relax reading their favourite books while some couples indulge in sunbathing activities.

There are two popular marinas in St. Lucia’s island, Rodney Bay Marina and Marigot Bay. These offer safe anchorage, shower facilities restaurants, groceries and maintenance services. Yachting is the most popular sport over here. One cannot help but gasp in yachting between the Caribbean Sea and depths of Atlantic Ocean. Water skiing and surfing are also possible with due safety arrangements. Massage, which relaxes the mind and soul to the core, is available at all paces. Hiking is irresistible in Des Cartier Rainforest. The breaking news for the golf lovers is that there are three golf courses with 18 holes and 72 pars.


That is why Weddings and honeymoons become unforgettable when planned on this island of moderate climate the well-known St Lucia villa. The pleasant air and steel band music makes the mind tenfold more relaxed and pleasant. Learn more details at https://placerealestate.ca/

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Vancouver Real Estate Market Ranges From Stable to a Seller’s Market, Experts Say

October 30, 2017

Real Estate Market

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Vancouver Real Estate Market Ranges From Stable to a Seller's Market, Experts Say

Since the real estate market crash in 2008, it’s been a somewhat rocky road for the real estate industry in Canada, but how rocky that road is depends on where you’re living. The Vancouver market has really done quite well to recover, taking only around two years to bounce back to the all-time highs that were experienced just prior to the crash, and now average home prices are hovering around that level. So, what is the current outlook for the Vancouver market?
Vancouver Real estate experts are expecting to see modest increases in home prices and with it being a hotter market that is likely to happen. As sellers hold on to their real estate for the right buyer and as buyers are desperate for any property that has actual solid land underneath it, detach home prices are skyrocketing. Condos and exclusive one level apartments will always be in demand in Vancouver, but the biggest increase can clearly be seen in the surrounding neighborhood of Vancouver’s most expensive locations. click here for related info.

The current rate of SOLD homes in Vancouver has stayed right around 14% and expected to stay there for the duration of the year. In a market that has always been hot 14% is still a decent number for investors and sellers. It looks as though 2014 will bring a stable market to the doorsteps of both buyers and sellers and this will have a direct impact on how Vancouver’s real estate market will grow in the coming years. New growth, less off shore investors, and more locally owned homes is good thing for the city and will have a positive impact on residents throughout Vancouver.

Vancouver Real Estate Market Ranges From Stable to a Seller's Market, Experts Say

The new numbers for Vancouver’s 2014 Real Estate market are just now coming out. January was a solid month for growth with numbers staying around the same as the high mark of 2013. However, experts are expecting to see more growth as the months roll by in 2014. According to Vancouvermarketreports.com markets are currently 12% less than the same period in 2013, but this does not mean a slide in the housing market is taking place. In fact, the numbers of last year were greatly influenced by a spike in new buildings and detached home sales (numbers which do not fluctuate as much as other real estate prices). This year, sales of condos and new projects are expected to be the main push for real estate.

Of course, it is not just the amount of home prices that are fluctuating, so are the type of buyers Vancouver is enticing. According to experts, the buyer profile for Vancouver has shifted dramatically away from off shore buyers and towards local residents. It seems as though individuals from neighboring cities and states are taking an invested interest into moving to British Columbia’s most expensive city. Although the market is hot for sellers, buyers are still more interested than ever to receive their piece of prime Vancouver real estate and it seems as though no price is too much.

In a seller’s market, home buyers are desperate to find the right home in right price. You really need Vancouver Realtor help.


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